Climate Action Group

Do you want to keep your home clean, help the environment and save money?

Many of us want to do our bit to help tackle the climate crisis.  However the scale of the task can seem daunting. Fortunately lots of people making small changes in their everyday lives can have a cumulative impact.

The Kibworth & District u3a Climate Action Group meets regularly to learn about climate change and other environmental matters and determine ways in which we can work towards net zero and also green the planet.

We have looked at recycling, minimising the use of plastic, planting trees, transport, green investments, energy use and lobbying our local politicians.

New year’s resolution

We have made a new year’s resolution to use environmentally friendly ways of cleaning our homes. Many commercial cleaning products that lure us in with exotic or wholesome sounding names often contain toxic chemicals which pollute the atmosphere and add chemicals to our water supplies and rivers. In addition, they usually come in plastic bottles.

Thankfully, there are natural cleaning products which are reasonably priced and eco-friendly. We have researched and tried the following ideas with great success and thoroughly recommend that you give them a go.

Natural products

Bicarbonate of soda (aka baking soda) – This is a natural product that has many uses around the home. For ease of use decant into a flour sifter and keep it handy under the sink.

It is good for cleaning ovens, baths and sinks made from aluminium, chrome or stainless steel. It can remove grease and freshen fridges and food containers 

Eliminate smells

It eliminates smells. Sprinkle it into bins to keep them fresh, dust onto smelly feet, add to liquid soap to eliminate the smell of onions from hands. It removes smells from clothes soaked in water with half a cup of bicarb before washing. Add half a cup to your bath to detoxify and relieve itchy skin or add to a relaxing foot bath.

Citric acid. A limescale buster! Use as a toilet bowl cleanser or round your taps; one tablespoon in your kettle will have it looking like new but don’t forget to rinse it out! 

White vinegar. Use it to clean windows and mirrors. Store in a spray bottle with one-part vinegar to 9 parts water plus a squirt of liquid soap. Add some lemon peel to neutralise the smell. Cleans microwave ovens, plastic cutting boards etc. and removes coffee and tea stains.

Reduce your carbon foorprint

You can reduce your carbon footprint even further by shopping locally. All the above items are available from a well-known hardware store on Kibworth’s Fleckney Road. And the first two come in cardboard boxes so less plastic.

And don’t forget the power of green plants in your home: They cleanse the air and lift the spirits!

Over to you: send us feedback about how you get on and, if you have other ideas.