Kibworth u3a Wine Tasting

Do you find Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand a bit too gooseberry-like and aromatic? Is Sancerre too lean and grassy for you? Then try a happy medium from South Africa!

2021 Finest* Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc (Tesco £7.50 down to £5.63 as part of a 25% off deal)

This wine has lots of citrus fruit, and just enough gooseberry character, to make it interesting. It’s only nine months old so there’s plenty of balancing acidity to keep it refreshing.

The wine maker’s signature is on the front label, but it looks like a character from a long-lost language. Tesco’s website reveals that her name is Helienne van Zyl of Origin Wine. It’s a pity her full name is not advertised on the bottle. She’s responsible for a really good example of what Stellenbosch can do.

The back label shows that it’s bottled at W1740. An exotic location by the Indian Ocean perhaps? I’m afraid it’s not nearly as romantic as that. The code means that it’s shipped in bulk and bottled in County Durham. At least that’s good for the planet.

The 25% off deal finished at the end of November but this wine is still excellent value at full price. Enjoy it with fish or chicken. 

As they say in Stellenbosch, “Geseënde Kersfees en ’n voorspoedige nuwe jaar”.

John Freeland

u3a Wine Tasting Group