Folkstyle Wrestling in Kibworth

Dear Editor

My enquiry is about the traditional wrestling tournaments, which, in the first half of 19th century, were usually held at Cross Bank in Kibworth. This was during the ‘Statute Fair’ in October after the harvest. Matches were contested on the erected wooden stage. Participants were locals and included men from the neighbouring villages. The tournament was discontinued after the late 1850s because they thought it was a ‘barbarian’ custom.

Kibworth rules – can anyone add any information?

Two men would stand and kick each other’s shins. My main concerns are the local Kibworth rules of wrestling as this was called “Kibworth Wrestling”. I know it was a ‘collar style’ of wrestling, where two men hold each other by the lapels of their coats. I of course, would be highly appreciative of any information on the matter.


Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note Our contributor, Russ or his full name Ruslan C Pashayev of Delaware Ohio USA has been researching our local Kibworth History via the Kibworth History Society’s website. He has obviously come across the late Sheila Leslie- Miller’s account about life at Cross Bank House. see

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