Nasty Fall

Dear Editor,

On Sunday15 August I suffered a bad fall at the junction with Rosebery Avenue and White Street. I was out walking our Jack Russell, Timmy. Luckily it was a warm evening and a few residents quickly spotted me. I was lying helpless in the middle of the road in a dazed state. Timmy standing beside me.

People rushed to help. A well-known local character Steve and his wife. Also two or three other ladies, who sadly I don’t know. Somehow they got me off the road and into a chair from (I think) Steve’s house. Whilst two lovely women took Timmy back to my home to tell my husband. After a while someone brought a car and gently drove me home.

I was in great pain with an obvious shoulder injury. My husband dialled 999 only to be told there was a Six Hour wait for an ambulance. So my son drove me to hospital. I was eventually diagnosed with a shattered left shoulder joint and completely dislocated arm.

I underwent surgery a few days later to repair some of the damage and fit me with a full shoulder joint replacement. I’m now recovering slowly but surely. All said, quite an ordeal for an 81-year-old.

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to the kind people who helped me at the time of the fall. My injury was so severe that I was incoherent and incapable of thanking you at the time.

A special thank you for taking Timmy home. He has not left my side once since I came home from hospital.

My thanks also to all the lovely neighbours who have helped since, in so many ways. You know who you are.

Wendy Hodder