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Treating lower back pain

Osteopaths are trained to diagnose and treat injuries from head to toe in all ages; however the most common injury I see in the clinic is lower back (lumbar spine) injuries. This includes lower backs that may have been injured through sport, gardening, and accidents. For example, road traffic collisions or accidents at work. Or perhaps old injuries that grumble away but are becoming increasingly more problematic. As a result they are limiting activity. Lower back pain is miserable. It affects how much we can physically do, our confidence in being active, and can even cause sleep disruption.

Osteopaths understand this and are highly trained in diagnosing what the most likely reason is for the patient’s injury, pain and how to treat it. Not all lower back problems are suitable for Osteopathy. Osteopaths can spot this as a very detailed case history is taken from the patient. If we feel further diagnostic tests are needed we contact your GP to request these. An osteopath knows the human body in huge detail, which means you are safe in our hands.

A 4-step approach

My approach to treating any lower back problem is well refined after more than 12 years in clinical practice, as well as being a Pilates instructor. It really is a partnership between the hands-on skills of the Osteopath, and the patient following the advice. After a detailed examination when all findings are discussed and explained to my patient, I take a 4 step approach:

Step 1 – Support the injury, Step 2 – Stabilise the injury, Step 3 – We Stretch, Step 4 – We Strengthen. Steps 3 and 4 are done in the clinic with effective and safe hands-on treatment, as well as with the prescription of tailored exercise programmes for the patient to do at home. The programme is emailed to them. The exercises are increased over time as the pain decreases and do not exclusively focus on the lower back. Lots of other structures are needed to be intrinsically strong to support the lower back – especially if it is recovering from an injury – for example the core.

For more information visit my website where you will find a Blog with more details on managing lower back pain.

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