County Councillor for Gartree

Refreshed Strategic Plan

Tackling climate change, conserving our heritage, and keeping people safe are just some of the priorities set out in a major new blueprint. Coming out in November, residents will get the chance to have their say in the refreshed strategic plan.

Creating jobs, celebrating diverse communities, improving transport and supporting children to thrive and more, are part of Leicestershire County Council’s refreshed ‘strategic plan’, which sets out its aims for the next four years.

With Leicestershire’s population set to grow by around 20 % in 20 years, the council is planning for the future to make sure front-line services, which support vulnerable people, are protected. The draft strategic plan focuses on:

  • Building a clean, green future – where nature flourishes and our economy is low carbon
  • Keeping people safe and well – with support to live fulfilling lives
  • Supporting diverse and resilient communities – where local heritage is enjoyed and conserved.
  • Creating a strong economy – with the right homes and infrastructure in the right place
  • Giving every child the best start in life – with access to good education

The launch will be announced in the media, so please take a few minutes to read and respond.

Antisocial behaviour & arson

The remains of the picnic table and benches destroyed by fire overnight on 8/9 October have not been fully cleared away as some includes large concrete blocks to which the table and benches were attached.  HDC have been to investigate and it is hoped they will be able to use the necessary equipment to clear the site, replace topsoil and re-seed.

The police have informed local councillors that they are following up on some leads and are hopeful that the perpetrators will be found.

The Kibworth Joint Recreation Board has not yet decided whether to replace the table, as there are others inside the playground. They are investigating some diverse play equipment.

Kibworth’s Neighbourhood Plan

Even though there is a currently ‘made’ Kibworth’s Neighbourhood Plan (2018) in place which has helped limit more large housing estates, the HDC Local Plan was not adopted until 2019 and there have been changes to the National Planning Policy Framework. The two parish councils agreed to review the Plan in 2020, and it has now reached the pre-submission (Regulation 14) stage.

This means it needs to be available for public comment for at least six weeks. It will be made available online from 15 November, together with the eight Appendices, and a Response Form. Online versions can be found on the parish sites for Kibworths Harcourt and Beauchamp.  Hard copies will be available in the parish office and community library.  All response comments must be returned by 5pm, 31 December 2021.

The Inquiry published its report a couple of weeks ago following its investigation into organisations’ responses to allegations relating to former Leicester MP Greville Janner back in the 1970s and 1980s.  The council leader, Cllr Nick Rushton, made these comments:

The Council at the time simply did not do enough to keep the children in its care safe and for that, I am sorry. The publication underlines that there were failures in the past. We fully accept the findings in the report and have supported the inquiry from the outset.  Social work today is totally different to the period examined by IICSA. Systems, processes, procedures, training, and management oversight is in place to ensure that all vulnerable children, but particularly those in our care are safeguarded, cared for and their voices are heard loud and clear.”

Cllr Nick Rushton 

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