County Councillor for Gartree

The Kibworth Tip

I have written previously about the impending closure for redevelopment of our nearest Recycling and Household Waste site, the Kibworth Tip.  I have now had confirmation that it is to close on Monday 1 November and remain closed for up to 12 months. The improvements will provide more bays and will make the site easier to use. A planned split-level surface meaning that customers no longer have to climb steps to access the skips. They will also improve traffic flow. HGVs at the site will be separated from the area used by the public to further improve safety. Residents are asked to use either of the centres on Wigston Road, Oadby, and Riverside, Market Harborough while the work is completed.

Honorary Aldermen

To be honest some meetings that I have attended at County Hall over the past 20 years have not been totally enthralling. Although I deny ever having nodded off, I admit my head might have drooped occasionally.  On Wednesday 29 September we held our first full council meeting back in the Council Chamber. It was a delight to approve the title of Honorary Aldermen on three retired county councillors who have, in the opinion of the Council, rendered eminent services to the Council.

The Council voted unanimously to admit former colleagues of mine to the honorary positions. Mr I D Ould OBE, Mr J B Rhodes and Mrs J Richards.

Honorary Aldermen are entitled to attend and take part in civic ceremonies from time to time. 

Full County Council Meeting

After routine statements from Cabinet members and some other business, the Council was asked to vote on two motions. The first was related to the November COP26 meeting in Glasgow and was approved unanimously.

Council agrees to:

(i) Write to the Prime Minister urging substantive proposals to meet targets set by the UK Climate Change Committee. Informing him that Leicestershire cannot meet Carbon Zero by 2030 without action by central government;

(ii) Write to all Leicestershire County and City Members of Parliament inviting them to support the concerns and actions set out in this motion. They should indicate further local measures which they would like implemented locally ;

(iii) Hold an event in 2022 to support practical measures in support of the outcomes of COP26.

The second motion, also approved unanimously, involved public health and cancer prevention.

This Council supports Cancer Research UK’s calls for increased and sustainable public health funding. This will help to level up unfair health inequalities, bolster our health and social care system and the economy. It will also help us rebuild and recover from COVID-19. In turn, Leicestershire County Council will continue to support and fund locally-delivered prevention services and other public health initiatives to the best of our abilities. The aim is to prevent ill health, reduce inequalities and support a health and social care system that is fit for the future.

Kibworth Public Consultations

I was very pleased that so many residents managed to come along to the Kibworth Grammar School Hall on Sunday 26 September to see and discuss the three draft projects on display.  All comments received on the day, or subsequently, now need to be reviewed. Any changes will be made before carrying out a repeat exercise for the Open Space Strategy and Community Hub concepts. The draft plans for the Hub are now being displayed in the Kibworth Community Library. Draft Open Space plans for the five parks are available on both parish council websites.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan Refresh version has been available on both parish council websites for several weeks.  It is intended to carry out a Regulation 14 consultation exercise when the draft has been updated. This will involve a six week period of consulting with both parishes.