Have your say on county bus services

The County Council is working closely with local bus operators to come up with bold plans to improve public transport; and to encourage more people to use it.

The Government has pledged £3 billion to help progress these plans across the country; and Leicestershire is aiming to secure a fair share of this funding.  However, to secure this funding, the council must develop a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP).  The council needs your input to help it develop the plan.

The County Council therefore wants to find out what people think would improve local bus services – and what would encourage them to use local buses more.  I have completed the survey, but would like to encourage people who already use buses, those who currently don’t, as well as public, private and voluntary organizations, to complete the short questionnaire survey at www.leicestershire.gov.uk/bus-strategy-survey so you too can “Have your Say”. The closing date is Friday, 30 July.

Kevin Feltham