Gartree Council June 2021 update

School Term Dates Consultation

The County Council has launched a consultation to capture views on three suggested options for school term and holiday dates. The proposals cover term dates running for five years from autumn 2022 to summer 2027. The options are:

  • Keeping the ‘traditional’ county term time pattern, which offers an earlier summer holiday but means a longer autumn term; aligning the autumn and spring breaks in line with most other authorities, including Leicester City, but this again means a longer autumn term;
  • Introducing a two-week autumn half-term break. This would leave terms ‘more balanced’ across the whole year but would result in a shorter Easter break
  • More detailed information on these proposals and a chance to have your say via a short questionnaire can be accessed here.

Leicester City is also running its own consultation. Both authorities are asking for views on whether the term patterns followed by the city and county should match. The closing date for both consultations is midnight on Sunday, 18 July. LCC Cabinet will consider responses and make a decision in the autumn.

Volunteer Litter Pickers – Wombles

Between March and October the County and District Councils and parish council contractors, will be carrying out grass cutting work. It would be useful for litter pickers to check the grass cutting schedule by using the County online map. This gives the dates grass cutting is due to be carried out in our local area, dependent on the weather, so litter picking can be arranged in advance.

The Great British Spring Clean was 28 May to 13 June, with a well supported Kibworth Village Litter Pick on 6 June.

Several of the Kibworths’ volunteer litter pickers are picking up the detritus from weekend activities by groups of teenagers on and around the Warwick Park Play Area and the Smeeton Road Rec. This includes broken glass, cider and beer cans, empty bottles and other discarded items. There are plenty of litter bins in all of the locations so why the youngsters cannot use them is baffling! The volunteer litter pickers help prevent injury to young children and animals, especially dogs, by picking up the broken glass.

If you are reading this and are one of the teenagers who enjoy getting together with friends at weekends on the parks, please pick up your litter, take it back home, and why not join the Wombling volunteers?

Covid-19 Cases In Our Area

The number of cases over 7 days since 4 April in our Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) had fallen to under 3, but case numbers rose again to 6 cases early in June. Having tracked the daily reports for the Kibworth & Great Glen MSOA since mid October, I have the positive case number data to 9 June. The results are good, and have stayed low despite cases in the district rising a little, and some Leicester City MSOAs rising to over 100 cases in 7 days. Sadly, I hear positive cases at the Kibworth Mead Academy have increased and with the partying in Warwick Park on 11 June, there could be an increase in our local figures showing up in a week or so.

Thankfully, 110,000 vaccinations had been given in Harborough District by mid June with 97% of 60+ year olds having had their two jabs; this is amongst the highest in England.

Uncover The Story

If you haven’t heard about the series of tourist articles about locations across the city and county, then look no further than this one.

The website gives information about the three historic villages located by the A6 between Leicester and Market Harborough including the three heritage trails. There’s one for each village, and a link to the growing Online Museum maintained by the Kibworth Improvement Team