Kibworth Grammar School Hall

Kibworth Grammar School

Following the recent AGM, Joan Fillingham has stood down as chair of KGSH. Joan has been an excellent chair, hardworking, diligent and popular with both her fellow trustees and the staff. I am pleased to report that Joan has agreed to stay on as a trustee. We look forward to her continued input into the running of the hall.

I will be the new chair of the hall, subject to this being ratified by the trustees at the next meeting. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the AGM, otherwise this would already have been done.

Plans to merge with Kibworth Community Library are progressing. We hope that this venture will lead to an exciting new lease of life for the Hall. We expect to be in a position to share these plans with the wider community soon.

As we emerge from lockdown, the Hall is beginning to open up again and we look forward to welcoming users both old and new through our doors.

If you would like more information on how to hire rooms please contact Kelly on 0116 2796389. As well as the main hall, we have four other rooms of different sizes for hire,

Martyn Wyburn
Chair Designate Kibworth Grammar School Hall