Leicestershire Fire and Rescue – Article No 2

‘Home Safety Checks’ 

Hello again. Thanks for taking the time to read article number two from Kibworth Fire Station.  It’s been a fairly quiet month for the station,  however within the last week we have attended  a domestic fire, a road traffic collision (Car vs  Motorbike) and a van that ignited after collid ing with a canal bridge wall. 

 Part of the crew for all of those incidents was Crew Manager (CM) Andy Smith. Having  been an On-call Firefighter at Kibworth Station  

for 38 years, CM Smith is very much part of the station furniture! To demonstrate the com mitment of 38 years On-call, with the enthusi asm and ‘keenness’ that Andy still has, is a fan tastic achievement. CM Smith has given these  years providing a massive 108 hours of avail ability per week and is an ever presence turn ing out on our fire appliance.  

 CM Smith also works in the local area as a landscaper. The crew have a running joke  that Andy knows everyone in the village…he  loves a chat and has plenty of stories to tell!  Some of you reading this will know Andy, and  know that his son Brad also joined the crew  two years ago. Andy and Brad have recently  had their first operational ‘lad and dad’ breath ing apparatus wear together. 

 As part of LFRS’ purpose of achieving ‘Safer People, Safer Places,’ we offer a Home  Safety Check Service. The idea is that we  make you safer in your own home by reducing  the risk of fire and (if you don’t have any) pro viding smoke alarms, so that if a fire does oc cur you are aware of it and can get out the  house quickly and without harm. 

 Usually we visit your home, however COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we  work. We can now either visit you on your  doorstep, maintaining social distancing and  wearing face coverings, or have a chat with  you on the phone and deliver some FREE  smoke alarms to you if you need them. We’ll  also give you a ‘Fire Safety in the Home’  booklet that contains some really useful fire  safety advice. 

 We’d love to visit/talk to as many of you as possible and would invite you to request a  Home Safety Check. We’d particularly like to  hear from people that may need assistance in  evacuating their home, such as the elderly,  

people with disabilities and families with young children. You can even book a Home  Safety Check for one of your family members  or someone you know. 

 If you would like to book a Home Safety Check please email KibworthHSC@leics fire.gov.uk detailing your name and phone  number.  

 Next month we’ll be talking road safety and introducing CM Espin.  

 Hopefully see you for a Home Safety  Check sometime soon. 

Stay Safe!  

WM Jamie Dawes 

Twitter: @LFRSKibworth 

Instagram: @lfrs_kibworth 

Facebook: Kibworth Fire Station 

James Dawes