Duggie’s Ramblings – April 2021

Duggie's Ramblings

The queueing story.

Firstly: are unusual ways of earning a living an outcome of the unusual circumstances we are experiencing? Or perhaps have they come to the surface as journalists cast their net wider for human stories?

The queueing story.

One of the strangest is the queueing story, We have all experienced queues, but this enterprising person offers to stand in a queue for a fee. This frees up the person and reserving their place! There is one esteemed body where this would not be required or would it? The Privy Council where the meetings are conducted with all members standing

The culture of self-esteem.

Secondly: at this time, many people have stepped up to the mark with acts of kindness and generosity. It is sad therefore that some people do not act as good neighbours. Why? One reason, no doubt there are others, is the culture of self-esteem which is associated with Carl Rogers, a psychologist from the United States. It was intended to counter a feeling of personal self-disgust. However,it has contributed to the culture of solipsistic individualism. Acts of generosity and kindness are otiose, that is serving no practical purpose or result. Self-esteem in the individual is all that is required. It is selfishness highlighted and a prominent gnawing aspect of our society. We have all met such people ,they used to be called ‘the cat’s whiskers’! For those who are generous-hearted the words of St Augustine of Hippo “Instances of a greater rather than lesser being”, are a suitable observation.

“Where is the medical centre?”

Thirdly consider: recently, a man was wandering down Main Street, Kibworth Harcourt, trying to find the medical surgery. 

“Which one? I asked, he did not know. He had been sent from Market Harborough for a blood test.So I guided him by car to Smeeton Road Medical Centre. At an earlier date at school closing time, there was chaos in the Smeeton Road. Cars were parked haphazardly as a mass summons for jabs had been sent out. Why oh why did the local surgery not give appointment times? Recently, a request was made to speak to the duty doctor. No answer is there one? Does this practice need to put its house in better order?

Potholes and their danger.

Consider also: cyclists are frequently using the local roads, particularly the country B roads, yet these roads remain potholed, an ever- present danger to cyclists. Driving from Great Bowden to Kibworth Beauchamp through the Langtons, 23 potholes of varying danger to cyclists were counted. Does this amount to actionable negligence on the part of the council? Only damage to a bike or injury to a cyclist would give the answer.

Appreciate volunteers.

Lastly: the census form has been filled in and sent. However there was one glaring omission -pointed out in the national media-there was a noticeable absence of ‘volunteering’. Yet we know many people who do volunteer whether it be in The Well in  Kibworth or Open Hands charity in Leicester. And of course there are many more people and organisations, saving the government billions of pounds. A  strange omission.

A light-hearted quote from Jerome K Jerome, “I like work, it fascinates me, I can sit look at it for hours.”