Wine Note.

2018 Gewürztraminer Wolfberger(Co-op)

Grapes for white wine fall into two camps –  aromatic and, well, non-aromatic. Gewurtztraminer is definitely in the first category. It smells like lychees (with which it shares aroma  compounds) and roses. That can be too much  of a good thing, but this example has just the  right amount. 

Alsace wines can vary in sweetness but  rarely indicate the sugar level on the label. The  information on this bottle very helpfully suggests that it’s not dry. The slight sweetness is well balanced by  enough acidity. Don’t keep it too long though; the richness and sugar may soon overwhelm  the acid. Its deep colour doesn’t indicate that  it’s too old, it just shows the influence of the  grape’s pink skin.   It traditionally goes well with smelly  cheeses or takeaway Chinese dishes. 

John Freeland (u3a Wine Tasting Group)