Editorial, April 2021.

Mixed Weather.

We have experienced all types of weather during  the past month including rain, snow and  sunshine. A north wind has dominated the air flow keeping temperatures below normal for this time of year. Walking across arable fields,  I have been surprised at how dry the ground is; already large cracks are visible everywhere. Despite this, Nature has followed its normal  sequence and readers walking up Church Road will have enjoyed the daffodils on the bank     below the church. The sound of children playing  in the parks during the Easter holiday is another sign that spring has arrived. Today I have  watched birds collecting material for building  nests. 

A return to normal life.

 As we come out of lockdown, we look  forward to returning to a normal life, shopping,  having a haircut, visiting a pub or restaurant  etc. We remember how warm it was last year in April and May during the first lockdown and  hope that a southerly wind will allow us to  spend more time outdoors with family and  friends. Unfortunately, a three-month lock down did not kill the virus and we have had to endure a second and third lockdown. 

Vaccination plus common sense.

Let us hope this time is different. Scientists have produced the vaccines that can protect  us from the worst effects of coronavirus and  many in our locality have received their first  vaccination and some their second. However,  the future will depend on us; the virus has not  gone away but, with common sense, we can  control it

David Holmes. (Secretary to Kibworth&District Chronicle Association.)