Burton Overy postman retires.

A common hazard—dogs!

Alan Crooks overcame the common postman hazard of aggressive dogs on his round, by befriending all of them. When he delivered mail or packages, he had dog biscuits in his pocket. Consequently dogs greeted him with a grin not a growl!

A community friend.

He also became a friend of the close-knit community of Burton Overy. He was sometimes the only human contact for many, especially during lockdown. So you can imagine the dismay when he announced his retirement. He was to move to New Milton in Hampshire, with his wife, to be close to his daughter.

Retirement gifts and cards.

The folk of Burton Overy marked his last round with a gathering (socially distancing) of his furry friends in the centre of the village, presenting him with a retirement gift and cards. Alan, a modest man, was amazed by the reaction to his leaving and he said afterwards that he and his wife were ‘blubbering wrecks as they read the messages, overwhelmed by the warmth and generosity shown’.

We will all miss him and wish him well in retirement. His successor already knows what the canine residents expect, if he is to have a trouble-free round, a pocket full of treats!

Graham Thompson