Wine Note – 2019 CEO Monterrei Godello (Lidl £8.49)

A bottle of Monterrei Godello wine

This wine comes from Monterrei, a region of Galicia in green NW Spain – not to be confused with Monterey in Mexico (dangerous) or Monterey in California (expensive). The Godello grape nearly became extinct in the 1970s and is now the next big thing after Al-barino.

It’s a typical Lidl bottle. If you want to know the word for wine in Polish or Slovak it’s very helpful, but if you’d like to find out what it tastes like, apart from “dry white wine”, you’ll look in vain. The producer’s name is missing too.

This is an expensive wine by Lidl standards so it should be good. Fortunately, it is. If you’re a Chablis fan, you’ll love it. It’s got the leesy flavours, minerality and acidity of Burgundy together with aromas of pears and citrus fruits.

Drink it with Boboli’s Heat to Eat Duck Confit. Spain, Italy and Kibworth in perfect harmony.

John Freeland (U3A Wine Tasting Group)