To me, The Kibworth & District Chronicle represents community. The first time I saw a copy, the sense of belonging and common interest shone through. What a lovely place to live! 

Recently I volunteered to take on the role of distribution coordinator and this has made me very aware of the community involved in making sure that a copy gets to your doorstep every month. I can say that all the Chronicle team are friendly and welcoming, but of course will focus on those at the end of the production process. 

On distribution day, Dick collects 5,000 copies from the printer.  These are then counted by Chris, Trevor, Kevin and I – so each person gets the right number of copies to deliver. By early afternoon the 10 main distributors have their supply and are busy taking bundles to the houses of the people who deliver in the local area. All together there are over 200 volunteers who then walk round, posting a copy through every door in nearby streets.

I can’t name them all here but can say that they are a dedicated and cheerful bunch with many interesting stories. It’s also heart-warming to speak to new volunteers who want to ensure that the Chronicle continues to reach each of you. Every letterbox is visited by someone with a huge sense of community. 

I do hope that you enjoy reading all the local the news. 


PS We do take care to be Covid safe when counting and delivering the Chronicle