An Incomplete Covid Lexicon-One Year On.

It is exactly one year ago on Tuesday March 23, when all our lives changed. A new language emerged. Below are some of the words and phrases which have shaped our thought processes and understanding over the past 365 days.

A is for Advice Admissions, Advertising, Alcohol, Amazon, Announcements, Antibody,Antigen test, Apart, App, Approval, AstraZenneca, Asymptomatic, Australia.

B is for Bankruptcy, Barnard Castle, Billions, Binge, BioNTech, Bird song, Border, Boris Johnson, Borrowing, Brazilian Covid variant, Briefing, Broadcast, Bubbles, Budget, Business Grants, Business Interruption Loan Scheme, Business Support, Buses, Buying online

C is for Cancelled, Care Homes, Carers, Calculator, Cases, Cell, Challenging, Charts, Chesty, Chris Whitty, Christmas, China, Clap for Carers, Clapping, Cohort, Coma, Complications. Contacts. Contracts, Coronavirus, Continuous Cough, COVAX, Covid 19, Current rules, Curve

D is for Daily briefings, Dashboard, Data, Dates, Deaths, Delivery, Diagnostic, Dido Harding, Disease, DNA, Dominic Cummings, Durham

E is for Early symptoms, Eat out to Help out, Efficacy, Elderly, Emergency, Epidemic, Epidemiology, Essential, Exams, Exercise, Eye Test

F is for Face coverings, Face masks, Fast tracked, Figures, Fines, Fiscal stimulus, Funerals, Furlough scheme

G is for Gavin Williamson, GCSE, Genetic sequencing, Genome, Get together, Global Humanitarian Response Plan, Gloves and Gowns, Government, Government Guidelines, Grants, Graphs, Greece, Groups

H is for Hands-Face-Space, Health Service, Helpline, Herd immunity, Heroes, Home cooking, Home delivery, Home test kits, Home visit, Homeschooling, Hospitalisation, Hospitality sector, Hospital admissions, Hot Spots, Hug

I is for Immunity, Inoculation, Isolation, Isolate, Illness

J is Jab, Jackie Weaver, JCVI, Job Retention Scheme, John Hopkins University, Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations, Johnson & Johnson, Jonathan Van Tam, Journey

K is for Kent Variant, Key workers, Kindness

L is for Lab testing, Lateral Flow Tests, Leisure, Lockdown, Long Covid

M is for Map, Mask, Matt Hancock, Measures, Medical, Medically induced coma, Mental stress, Moderna, Modified vaccines, Mortality, Mutation, Mild symptoms

N is for Nature, Necessary, Negative, Netflix, New strain, New Zealand, News, NHS, No 10

O is for Online, Over 80s, Overweight, Oxford vaccine, Oxygen levels

P is for Pandemic, Parliament, Patrick Vallance, PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) tests, Personal Protection Equipment, Pfizer, PHE, Playgrounds, Portugal, Positive, Postcode, PPE, Precedent, Press briefings, Priority, Protect, Protect the NHS, Per 100,000 people, Public Health England

Q is Quarantine, Questions, Quiz

R is for the ‘R’ number, Rainbows, Random Acts, Rapid tests, Rates, Regulations, Refuse collectors, Respiratory conditions, Results, Rishi Sunak, Roadmap, Rollout, Rose Garden, Rule of six, Rules

S is for Safe, SAGE, Save Lives, Save the NHS, Schools, Science, Scientific, Scrutiny, Second homes, Shielding, Shut down, Silence, Social distancing, Socialise, South African variant, Spain, Spike protein, Sputnik V, Statistics, Stay Alert, Stay Home, Steps, Stimulate, Strain, Strategic Preparedness  and Response Path, Street parties, Supermarket, Support, Sweden, Symptoms.

T is for Takeaway, Teacher Assessments, Television, Temperature, Test, Test kit, Test for travel, Test results, Tiers, Touch, Track and Trace, Tracer App, Transport, Traffic free, Tragedy, Two metre apart

U is for UK deaths, Underlying Medical Condition, Unemployment, Universal Credit, University, Unlock, Update, Upgrade, Unprecedented

V is for Vaccines, Vaccinations, Vaccine Passport, Vaccine Groups, Variant, VE Day Anniversary celebrations, Ventilator, Virologists, Viral, Virus, Vulnerable

W is for Walking, Weddings, Wet Market, WHO, Work from home, Workers, World health Organisation, World Map, Wuhan

X is Xmas (5 day) break

Y is Year 11 cohort. York

Z is for Zoe App, Zones, Zoom.

and finally, numbers….


2 metres apart,

“20,000 or fewer deaths will be a good outcome…”