Tiny Garages

Dear Editor,

Walking around our lovely village for my daily exercise during the first lockdown, I was surprised by the number of cars that stood on people’s driveways in front of a closed garage door. I thought why don’t the drivers put them in the garage, at least for safety purposes?

 Then I noticed nearly all the garages are far too small for the current vehicles that frequent our streets. 

The internet states a standard garage door measures approximately 84” x 84” (7 foot square).  The internet also states the average width of an SUV is now between 69” and 76”. Not that everyone drives one of these, but they are extremely popular. If you can drive an SUV into a garage the driver still needs to be able to open the doors!

Building dimensions of garages certainly have not kept up with today’s new larger vehicles – no wonder they are often converted into rooms!

S Ceen