Illston-on-the-Hill WI.

Restrictions with Covid.

Who would ever have believed the restrictions for Covid would have gone on  so long? We started off by sending a quiz out each week to our members. After  a couple of months it got more and more difficult to think up something new,  so now they are few and far between. However we are still in contact and  exchange emails on a regular basis bringing everyone up to date. The latest  topic is, “When are you having your vaccination?” Thankfully these are being  managed very well, and distribution goes from good to better.  

Difficult situations.

Like so many people we have Illston on the hill WI members living alone, isolating, and just not able  to go out. Many also have children and grandchildren that have not been seen  in the flesh for months. All these situations are so difficult, but we are all  optimistic that this will change soon.  

Working with the weather.

We were so lucky with the weather last summer, and I know most of us spent a  great deal of time in our gardens. The sad thing was that they were probably  better than ever, but we couldn’t invite anyone round to see them. Hence, lots  of photographs flying around just to prove that they were lovely and eligible  for “Show Gardens.”  

Obviously the winter weather has made it far more difficult to cope, but on a  positive note, we are so lucky to live where we do, with lovely walks in  wonderful countryside, so we do have a lot to be thankful for.  

Goodbye Captain Tom.

What a sad day it was when we lost Captain Tom. Everyone must have been  affected by him, and he was such an amazing person. All the superlatives have  been used, but to have received all those tributes on his 100th birthday was something to behold.For him to have been around to hear what great esteem everyone held him in, must have been quite humbling for him. He will always be remembered. He touched the hearts of the nation.

The title of his book is “Tomorrow will be a good day, and it was. One of our members walked around the village leaving hearts for us all. Such a kind gesture.

Jane Shute.