Kibworth and Smeeton Women’s Institute

 For the third time the poppies, which we knitted back in 2018, have been installed in St.Wilfrid’s Church. The Rector asked us to put them up on 3 November, ready for the pre-recording of a Remembrance Day service. This service, along with other services during lockdown, can be viewed online on the church’s YouTube channel.

The poppies on the pulpit looked beautiful. The large cross, which is normally situated in the porch, was placed outside the West Door. It was a striking reminder to anyone passing by of this important event on our calendar.

The poppies remained in church until the end of the month. They could be seen during the hour dedicated to private prayer each morning.

While taking photographs at the church on Remembrance Sunday, I came across a remarkable gentleman who had come to quietly pay his respects, in the absence of the usual parades. He was wearing a maroon beret and a row of medals. He explained that he is a 95 year old veteran of the British Army Reconnaissance Corps. After the war the Corps was disbanded in August 1946. How many stories he must have to tell. It was a pleasure talking to him.    

Pat Sharman