The Kibworth News and Forces Journal

The 75th Anniversary of the Second World War was this year marked by two special occasions. Firstly we celebrated VE Day on 8 May and VJ Day on 15 August.

Many thanks to Richard Newcombe of Wigston who has kindly given a copy of the ‘News and Forces Journal’ to the Kibworth Chronicle.

The Kibworth News and Forces Journal was sent out to lads and lasses serving in the Second World War. This journal, produced around Christmas 1945 is the victory number wishing Christmas greetings, happy family reunions, good luck and success in Civvy Street to everyone serving in the forces.

The little Journal begins with the Roll of Honour attributed to all the brave men who had lost their lives during the war. We salute them as heroes-we remember them as friends.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them.

Some of the events which are recorded in the Diary from October to July 1945 are: 

October 1944

Kibworth Whist Drive and Dance in aid of Messrs. Johnson & Barnes Benevolent Fund.

Baptisms – David son of Ernest Arthur and Beatrice Cave.

Marriages – Dennis Douglas Haig Hillcoat and Dorothy Winifred Peberdy.

In Memoriam – Walter Gamble Bale aged 63 years.

Foxton and Gumley

To Eric and Connie Hunt at Westleigh Farm, Foxton on October 14th, a daughter Judith Margaret.

Mowsley, Laughton and Knaptoft

The Mowsley and Laughton Women’s Institute celebrated their 21st birthday by a party and social in the Village Hall.

December 1944

The Christmas Effort for the Waifs and Strays Society amounted to £7/10/-

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Hart on the birth of a second daughter on Christmas Day.

July 1945

Kibworth and Smeeton Effort of Collections on behalf of the Red Cross ‘Rural Pennies’ commenced in Kibworth in 1941 and came to an end on June 30th 1945. A grand total of £144.16.0d was achieved.

Kibworth Gala – 4 August 1945 

Mrs. William Keay, B.E.M., crowned the Queen, Miss Jessie Patrick, who was attended by Miss Betty Holyoak, Miss Clara Morris, Miss Jean Wells, Miss Francis Clow, and Miss Doreen Holyoak.

Isobel Cullum

God has given us Victory

By K. Babington Macaulay

(Mr. Macaulay, was a native of Kibworth, where his father, the later Dr. Macaulay, was in practice for over 50 years.)

The Victory Bells are pealing from Kibworth’s old church tower,
For days and weeks and months and years we’ve waited for this hour.
Let beacons blaze on every hill, drums beat and trumpets blare,
The Lord of hosts is with us. He has heard our nation’s prayer.

O! How our hearts are beating when the good news came at last,
That the savage war was over and the reign of terror past,
No more we’ll hear the sirens wail, no more the bombs may fall,
In safety man and child may sleep in cottage or in hall.

From Gumley and from Saddington, from Foxton by the locks,
From Smeeton Westerby’s twin bells whose tiny belfry rocks,
From Laughton and from Mowsley and from Fleckney ‘cross the fields, Their bells ring out the message, ‘Rejoice the foeman yields.’

From Glen and Burton Overy, from Shangton in the holt,
From Carlton and from Shearsby, ‘The foe has shot his bolt’,
Church Langton’s bells are pealing till the old grey tower swings,
While Market Harborough laughs with joy the happy message brings.

The six sweet bells of Hallaton the same brave story tell,
As Kilby does, and Wistow with its chapel in the dell.
Let’s not forget to call the roll of those who fought and bled,
Their names shall live forever when we who live are dead.

So broach the strongest cask of ale, and roast the fattest beast,
Let’s celebrate this happy day with a royal British feast.
In years to come our children and our grandchildren will say,
We recollect the victory fete, our life’s most happy day.