The Kibworth Traffic Count – Volunteers needed

The Parish Council is responding to increased concerns about the traffic problems in the village. We all know that ‘traffic is bad’ but what does that mean? Who travels where, how and when? Rat running, school runs, road safety, air pollution, active travel. These are all complex issues requiring quantitative traffic data.

How do roadworks affect the traffic through Kibworth? Does the closure of the M1 or A14 have an impact on Kibworth? How much traffic is generated in Kibworth versus traversing through it? What effect do various external events have on traffic? How does traffic on the A6 correlate to air quality along that route? Is there sufficient enforcement given the level of traffic? What kind of improvements could be made?

To answer some of these questions, the Parish Council is purchasing six Telraam devices. These are small sensors that can be placed in a first floor window and which record and report traffic data in near real-time. 

We are looking for a minimum of six volunteers who live on the following roads, but not directly opposite a junction, as we cannot count there:

1. High Street/Fleckney Road (we have several candidates here already, but the more the merrier as we may place two sensors here)

2. New Road 

3. Station Street/Church Road 

4. Smeeton Road (the cottages on the right hand side just past Smeeton Court would be ideal)

5. A6 Harborough Road / Leicester Road 

For more information and to register as a potential candidate please refer to this page

or scan this QR Code

All data will be publicly and immediately available on our own Telraam dashboard.

We hope this could be the first step in improving the village for the benefit of everyone.

Stefan Richter