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General Election

A summary of comments by the Baptist, Methodist and URC Churches Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT):

As the General Election quickly approaches, Christians are encouraged to engage thoughtfully and prayerfully. This requires us to create or recommit to making space to pause, reflect, and pray. The political climate, both domestically and globally, is marked by uncertainty and division, making our roles as Christians even more critical.

An elderly, long-standing church member came up to me one Sunday and, with her ordinary but glorious smile asked ‘How are you doing?’ Without a thought, I responded, ‘I’m fine, thanks, and you?’ She smiled and slowly responded, ‘I’m well if you are well.’ I was struck to the core. What a radical way of being. Friends, if our neighbours are not well, are we truly well?

By loving our neighbours, praying fervently, and voting responsibly, sewing seeds of hope, we can contribute to a society that better reflects the values we find in Jesus.

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Political Thoughts

I don’t approve of political jokes – I’ve seen too many of them get elected.

People who want to share their political views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

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