Prize Marrows and Dancing Shoes

A replica of the Hallaton Helmet was officially unveiled at Hallaton Museum last Wednesday 19 June. This amazing, high quality replica of the original helmet was researched by Leicestershire Museums, and made by Rajesh Gogna, Silversmith. He produced two copies: one that is on display at Harborough Museum, the other at its home in Hallaton.

Linda Jones, secretary of the museum said “It has taken over 20 years to reach this point with many people to thank for their contributions along the way. Our thanks to the Hallaton Fieldwork Group who, working alongside the University of Leicester Archaeological Services, discovered it and excavated the Hallaton Treasure over 20 years ago. Also, thanks to the British Museum who worked to restore the original helmet. We are grateful to Leicestershire Museums who researched the helmet and how this ceremonial helmet would have looked 2,000 years ago, and to Rajesh Gogna, Silversmith, who made the replica. Finally, we give grateful thanks to the Association for Roman Archaeology and the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society whose grants have enabled us to pay for it.”

Hallaton Museum is an independent museum and a registered charity. It does however work closely with Leicestershire Museums and University of Leicester Archaeological Services. It is funded via the annual subscription through its ‘Friends’ and fundraising. They have two permanent displays on the Hallaton Treasure and the Bottle Kicking and Hare Pie Scramble plus a new major exhibition each year. This year it is called ‘Prize Marrows and Dancing Shoes’. This displays the social life in the village during the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Visit Hallaton Museum, The Tin Tab, Churchgate, Hallaton LE16 8TY.