Supporting Nakulabye Junior School

For over 30 Years my wife and I have been part of a group of UK individuals providing support to disadvantaged individuals in Uganda. Initially, we were involved with a charity (Friends of ACET Uganda) which provided AIDS/HIV Care, Education and Training. Subsequently becoming involved in rebuilding and supporting this school in a slum area of the capital, Kampala.

15 years ago, our daughter married a Ugandan boy living in this country. Since when we have all visited Uganda twice and are planning to visit again this summer. On each occasion we have taken the opportunity to visit the school taking gifts with us, some purchased in the UK and others locally.

Prior to our last visit, we raised money enabling us to pay for some adjacent scrap land to be turned into a playground/playing field which the school could also rent out for weddings etc. Last year, we paid 80% of the cost of repairs caused by flood damage.

Prior to our visit this year, the head teacher has supplied us with a list of their current needs:

  • Stickers, Pens, Pencils, Crayons
  • Reading Books and Dictionaries
  • Hard Drives for E-Learning
  • Repairs to Furniture/Painting
  • Attractive Learning Charts
  • Replacing their Drinking Water Tank
  • Installing Hand-Washing facilities

We hope to pay for/provide most of these.

During our visit, we will also discuss with him their long-term needs to construct walkways, improve/restructure toilets and obtain sports equipment and smart TVs for e-learning.

Our grandchildren (aged 7 and 9) will be speaking with similar pupils about life in the UK.

How You Can Help

Are you interested in helping to support a project such as this? Do you sometimes wonder whether donations given to other charities reach the intended destination or are eaten up in administration fees?

If you would like to consider providing help to NJS; contact me, and I can supply further information.

Roger Piper