Renoir in Leicester

On 10 May this year The National Gallery(NG), Trafalgar Square, London celebrated 200 years of bringing people and paintings together.

For an entire year, NG are to celebrate their past and look forward to the future with a year-long festival of art, creativity and imagination which sets the tone for our third century. Part of that celebration they are loaning twelve outstanding works of art to twelve art galleries throughout the UK.

In Leicester until September

Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, New Walk have the famous Renoirs’ The Umbrellas here on show until 1 September.

Renoir can be found in the Victorian Art Gallery

Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting is in an intimate gallery adjacent to the Victorian Art Gallery. The display encourages slow-looking and features a new animation bringing the artwork to life and taking the viewer on a visual journey through the bustling streets of 1880s Paris. The seating encourages you to develop a deeper engagement with the painting and spend time with the items on display, soaking up the atmosphere.

The animation has been commissioned from Kino Bino, the award-winning Leicester based animation studio who have worked with the BBC, Young V&A and the National Trust.

Supporting the display is a series of school visits with talks encouraging children to make their own observations and get familiar with talking about art. There will also be family craft events during school holidays including a themed family trail and in focus lectures.

Go and see it but take your umbrella – you know what the weather is like!