Great Big Green Week returns

Sustainable Harborough Community

The amazing Great Big Green Week returns plus newbie Restore Nature Now

If you like doing different things that will also help the planet and our lifestyles, take a look at what people are doing during the national Great Big Green Week June 8 -16 to find events near us but also to get some great ideas that you might like to try.

Look at Big and Little swaps

The emphasis this year is on looking at the big and little swaps we can make in our lives in the Green Street at the Harborough Carnival on Saturday 8 June at the Symington Rec. How about becoming a bee keeper, a very big swap. Beekeepers are bringing an empty hive but with photos inside, for children to hunt the queen bee and the worker bees.

Lots to see and do…

For children who like exploring cars, there is a second hand car coming. The owner will talk to adults who want reassurance about distances electric cars can cope with. To prove his point, he is hoping to make a lengthy journey around Europe.

We have a farmer coming to tell us about all the actions she is taking on her family farm like tree and hedge planting, to make it more sustainable, reduce flooding and improve soil quality for better crops.

If the injustice of climate change for people living in the global south worries you, come and see what Fairtrade and Oxfam are doing to address these huge injustices or United for Warm homes to campaign for a permanent reduction in high energy bills affecting us all.

Finally, Chris Packham and organisations like RSPB are inviting us all to join in a large, family friendly, legal gathering through London onSaturday 22 June – Restore Nature Now Pledge to march with us

What’s not to like?

Julie Fagan, volunteer, Sustainable Harborough Community and Eco Churches