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Consider the local Wildlife Trust for opening new fields

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I think most of us reading this know that our wildlife is in serious decline. (

I wanted to do something about this situation that wouldn’t require any participation. I joined Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to help support them, even though I didn’t expect to get involved. So I was surprised by the magazine that came to me that had such interesting articles. Also a booklet telling me where the Trust’s wildlife places are.

Lucas Marsh & Launde Woods

Sadly, round Kibworth and its surrounding villages, there are only two accessible places. Lucas Marsh in Brocks Hill Park and Launde Woods behind the beautiful Launde Abbey. I’m told there is a field in Great Bowden, Harborough but that it is farmed and the cows on it are rather frisky. I won’t try finding out the truth of that.

A grandchild and I went in search of Lucas Marsh at Brocks Park recently. Neither of us has a very good sense of direction. We had a good walk round in the fields and woods till someone put us in the right direction. It’s a small wooded area with two ponds and a marsh, as you would expect. We nearly lost our boots in some of the marshy area – great fun! There’s a boardwalk round the marsh and lots of lovely trees and shrubs.

It didn’t take long to explore it. It is open to non-members as well as members, should you venture that way. A bonus was the outdoor play area and a pleasant café.

The more people who join, the greater the work that the trust can develop to produce more areas for wildlife to enrich our own lives. And to get actively involved, if you have the health, will give you more benefits.

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