Kibworth Band March 24

Kibworth Band

Success for the Band

As reported in last month’s Kibworth Chronicle, the main focus of the Band’s rehearsal schedule was the Area Contest which took place on Sunday 2 March at Corby Business Academy.

Thanks to Halford Road residents

As I am sure many of the residents of Halford Road, to which grateful thanks for their patience in the additional traffic and parking are extended, will testify we put a great deal of effort into this year’s contest with many extra full and sectional rehearsals.

The run up to the contest was not, however, without its challenges. On the Monday before the contest, Ciaran our principal cornet was admitted to hospital, putting his attendance at the contest in doubt.

True band spirit prevails

With true banding spirit, however, assistant principal cornet Kay took on the role at very short notice and did an amazing job in leading the band. Likewise, Ciaran was determined to play at the contest and helped out from the bottom of the front row cornets. Our thanks go to both of them and indeed to all the other members of the band and their long-suffering families for all the time spent in extra rehearsals and practice.

All this hard work, dedication and loyalty to their fellow players showed in the contest performance and we were awarded third place earning us a place at the National finals in Cheltenham in September.

Local players

The Kibworth Band currently takes its players from a large area of both Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. We are, however, pleased to say that three of our current players – Katy on horn, Erin on trombone and Alex on baritone – do live in Kibworth with a couple of other players from Great Glen.

We greatly appreciate the support from Kibworth and area covered by the Kibworth Chronicle and look forward to this continuing as we look to some fund raising events to assist us on our way to Cheltenham.

Isabel Bingham