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Ground Water

Over half the world’s population depends on groundwater for their drinking water and nearly half of all water for crop irrigation. In our country, water for crop irrigation in times of drought has been a real problem for our farmers too.

Crops have been diminished or lost altogether and do you ever wonder what’s happening about ground water around the world with so many droughts?  


There are some amazing data scientists, water specialists and policy experts have gathered, whose study of 170,000 wells worldwide came up with some answers. They found that groundwater level measurements in the wells in over 40 countries have changed.

There’s concerning news about these levels because their measurements showed that the water levels are falling rapidly – in some places more than 20 inches each year.


Replenishing those levels is possible but it can take decades for the levels to recover. The good news is that in some places actions have been taken to stop this decline and even manage to start to replenish the supplies. In other words, there is hope if action is taken.


A clever and positive way to use underground water is being demonstrated in the Welbourne Garden Village in Hampshire where an underground reservoir will be used for low carbon heating and cooling. Not only that, but heat can be transferred between buildings.

This process will make a massive difference in carbon output compared to gas boilers.

Never mind sending rockets to the moon. Let’s have more of these sorts of projects to save people huge energy costs as at present and help to make a difference in our fight to save our planet.

Great Big Green Week

And don’t forget the Great Big Green Week. Are we going to do anything in Kibworth and our other villages?

Julie Fagan, volunteer, Sustainable Harborough Community and Eco Churches.