The Welcome Kitchen

The Welcome Kitchen crew!
The Welcome Kitchen Crew

We are here for eight weeks every Monday at twelve

For everyone that really wants to enjoy themselves.

Kibworth Grammar School Hall is where we are,

Simply so you don’t have to walk very far.

Jenny’s the chef and makes a very good soup,

There’s seven more of us that make up this great group.

Bruce takes the money, plays the piano if you’re lucky,

Keith is the man that stops the dishes from staying mucky!

Beverley is the lady that all of you know,

David’s the one that puts on a great show.

Jane and Carol are grafters, serving the food,

Geraldine the one who makes the tea well-brewed.

So, when the piano plays and the winter sun’s gone,

The soup will be served as the kettle goes on.

The chatter begins as the laughter has soared,

There’ll be hardly a moment to feel lonely or bored.

So that is us, The Welcome Kitchen, who will welcome you all,

A minimum donation of £2 is all that we call.

We will be there in all weathers, sun, rain, or snow,

And this little poem is so that all of you know.

David Walker-Smith

A warm welcome
A warm welcome for all