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Duggie's Ramblings


Hallowe’en, one day in the year when children egged on, or not, by adults dress up/down to look scary, and anxious people at home wait for the knock at the door and ‘trick treat’, from the menacing kids chaperoned, hopefully, by responsible adults. What comes to mind is, do those kids or adults (under the age of 40) know the meaning of Hallowe’en and why it comes on the last day of October?

Hallowe’en means the eve of All Hallows and Hallows are Saints . Near to the Tower of London is an active church, called All Hallows by the Tower. Some of the occupants of the Tower may well have needed support from the saints nearby! Well worth a visit and free, unlike the Tower!

Hallowe’en is on 31 October, it is followed 24 hours later by All Saints Day This is the day of celebration over the previous day acknowledging the presence and power of evil in this world, good has triumphed over bad, however powerful the latter may be and light has scattered the darkness of evil into ineffectiveness!

This is not easily believed at the present time politically or internationally, but individually maybe more so. For many people up until the recent past, the day of darkness on 31 October passed as another day. The attractive day,‘Penny for the Guy’! was Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night-5th November. Prior to  the fifth youngsters obtained fireworks and sparklers hoarding them safely in cupboards at home until the big day came. The restrictions were few and flimsy for purchasing fireworks.

One of the gunpowder plotters was Robert Catesby. He lived in nearby Northamptonshire, in the village of Ashby St Ledger. His house is still standing with extensive grounds.

So, we are reminded by the shops and media that Christmas is not far away,40 + days. Already there are Christmas films on view. The only film  in the past about the glitz and glitter of Christmas was’ White Christmas,’ which is an annual chestnut! People have such high and optimistic expectations for Christmas, anticipation counts for almost everything. There is a story-true- in Leicester of a man who sends himself a Christmas card every day of the year! Yes every day.