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The Fitnessbox Autumn 2023

For many of us the summer holidays are done and dusted or close to being so. Summer holidays are great. It’s a time to get away and unwind and take that well deserved break. While that is great, it does deprive us of one of our main assets when improving our fitness, consistency.


When the children are off school or we are on trips away, it can mean that we lack the consistency and routine that we have for most of the year.

We know that to get the very best out of a health and fitness programme then consistency is key. CONSISTENCY leads to HABITS and HABITS lead to RESULTS.

Whether the consistency of a weekly gym schedule or a consistently high quality diet, the knowledge that you can plan ahead is a huge help. Or the combination of both for ultimate results!

Now is the perfect time to start planning ahead. To set up regular training sessions and plan those nutritious meals that will help in hitting your fitness goals and targets.

For All Levels

At The Fitness Box we cater for all fitness levels, all ages and all experience levels. Anyone that trains with us quickly realises we have ages from 16-68 years of age. From first time trainers to world class athletes. Everyone is made to feel at ease and welcome.

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All our sessions can be adjusted to suit everyone. Our daily classes combine cardiovascular training with resistance training to give you the perfect combination of all round fitness. We ensure we always provide a high level of specially designed programmes in a small and friendly group environment.

Everyone has different goals and targets and we are here to help you achieve them. You may be looking to start a new regime or push on with the one you already have. Come and join us and allow us to help you find that consistency. You will be hitting your health and fitness goals in no time!

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Adam Fowler