Macmillan Cancer Support Values

“We are courageous; we are supportive; we give it all we have got.”

Those three phrases are the Macmillan Cancer Support values.

Since Sir Douglas Macmillan founded the charity in 1911, it has grown to be the UK’s leading cancer charity. Sir Douglas had watched his father die from cancer and decided that there must be a way to support cancer patients, to help them navigate their way through this awful disease.

Today Macmillan aims to help everyone with cancer to live as fully as they can, providing physical, financial and emotional support. They will do whatever it takes, no matter what a person’s needs are and they will listen and support them.

Many hospitals and hospices have Macmillan nurses who as specialist nurses work in different areas of cancer care and treatment. They help with information about diagnoses and treatment and help to manage side-effects.

Though Macmillan receives some grant money from the government, 98% of its funding comes from voluntary donations. There are also legacies from charitable people. In 2022 over 12 million pounds was raised from the Macmillan Coffee Mornings.