Supporting Refuge

I have supported Refuge, a charity supporting women and children who are survivors of domestic abuse since 1982 when I was a social work student and worked in a Women’s Aid Refuge.

Sadly, 40 years later this support is still needed. I decided therefore to accept their challenge of walking 62 miles during the month of August to raise funds for their organisation. This meant a commitment to walk at least two miles every day.

I soon discovered there are many different ways to reach the village from Harcourt, on the other side of the A6. This added variety, and an improved knowledge of the local neighbourhood for someone relatively new to Kibworth. I found that early morning suited me best, noticeably at that time being one of the very few walkers without a dog.

Crossing the A6 was sometimes a challenge but it was heartening how often drivers would slow when seeing me stranded on the central island waiting for a gap. The end result was raising £700 for Refuge, and walking 85 miles resulted in losing a few pounds as a personal bonus.

I had expected to be tired and relieved when it was over, but the feel good factor lingers, so in fact I am going to continue, albeit allowing myself the odd day off. Try it and see. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Shirley Osborn

Kibworth Harcourt