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Kibworth Methodist Church

Welcome back from the Summer Break.

First a Warning!! Are you planning on purchasing chairs or other furnishings for your church, school or village hall? If so, you are strongly advised to speak with us before placing an order with a very well-known supplier of these items.

Harvest is approaching. We see the crops being gathered in as we pass through the countryside. It is time to give thanks that we in this country find it so easy to just call at the supermarket to fill our store cupboards. KMC is celebrating Harvest this year on 8 October with our 10.30am service which is being led by our friend, Rev Brian Kennard, from Market Harborough. 

Have you ever seen Brian driving up at the last minute when he is leading our service? You may not be aware, but Brian is the Free Church Chaplain at Gartree Prison. When he visits us, he has already conducted a service for those inside the prison.

SPACE has returned this autumn on a monthly basis. What is SPACE? It is a short (30/40 minutes), contemporary form of worship. It is designed to give you something to think about during the forthcoming week. October SPACE is being held on 1 October at 5.00pm and is entitled ‘Taxing Matters’.

Finally, a question for the under 40s.

How do you think us ‘oldies’ have survived this long: our cots were covered with lead paint; we had no childproof lids on medicines; we rode our bikes with no helmets;  no seat belts, air bags; dripping sandwiches –lovely; go-carts built out of scraps, with no brakes; outdoor play, asking strangers the way if lost; one TV channel with just ‘Children’s Hour’; no mobiles, computers or social media; we threw sticks for conkers and fell from trees; mum didn’t drive us or take us to school; we made up games with sticks and hard balls; if we did wrong, the local PC would clip us around the ear – followed by our dad; few injections, but parties to ensure that we did catch Chicken Pox and other illnesses.

We all went to Sunday School and remember what we were taught to this day.

Some improvements, but not all – maybe!

Enquiries: Roger Piper 07941 643809