Letter to HDC Planning Enforcement

A Kibworth resident has written to HDC Planning Enforcement. Reference :23/000/79/COMS: non-compliance of landscaping and ecology for 16/00166/OUT-David Wilson Homes Land north of Fleckney RoadKibworth Beauchamp(Now known as Cuckoo Drive Estate)

Id like to follow up on this.

The developer previously said that the dead trees would be replaced and that the previous tree planting season had been missed.

Could we ensure that tree planting now happens, ideally in or just after October?

Id like to remind the involved parties that this replacement of dead trees is specifically mentioned in the landscape maintenance schedule which forms part of this planning application and subsequent permission. Its not optional.

Permission was granted with biodiversity net gain being a key factor. It’s not difficult to see that without the (very basic) tree planting scheme that’s entirely impossible to achieve. 

Could you seek a positive response from the developer please and initiate enforcement action if required?  Weve waited patiently for years for the agreed planting scheme to be completed and to be maintained as agreed.

May I also point out once again that the artificial ridge and furrow section which was supposed to be maintained as a ‘species rich hay meadow’ was supposed to be strimmed twice a year and this too has not happened. Previously they strimmed it every month. This was totally wrong, now they’ve stopped strimming it altogether which is also wrong. It should be strimmed once in spring and once in September. This allows natural seeding, then be cleared of cuttings a week or so later. It’s all in the maintenance plan.”