Playlist for Life

One of the more interesting tomes in Kibworth Community Library is a large book of the top 50 (musical) popular songs for each year for the last 70 years. It is part of the Playlist for Life resource.

Flicking through this book, there are a couple pages for each year, one can see a list of tunes that were being played on the radio, or as some of you know, the wireless, back in the day of your first kiss, your most memorable summer holiday, your first job., etc.

Playlist for life is a scheme whereby individuals create their personal meaningful musical playlist to help perhaps with possible dementia in later life. This scheme has been in existence for 10 years.

It is a low-cost and unique tool which can bring joy and highlight the β€˜me’ in dementia. From managing symptoms of dementia to strengthening connections with family and carers, a playlist has so many benefits. Music is one of best therapies.

Why not start creating your own playlist by visiting

β€œHow much is that doggy in the window?”