County Councillor for Gartree – June 2023

Which council does what?

This diagram shows the major responsibilities for our three levels of local authorities/councils. There are some anomalies to further complicate the picture. For example, the county is responsible for mending roads and pavements, but the district is responsible for cleaning them. In Kibworth Beauchamp, the parish street warden keeps the main shopping area clear of litter.

Leicester City Council was formed in April 1997. It was split from Leicestershire County Council as part of the 1990s UK wide local government reform. It is a completely separate unitary authority. Unitary authorities combine county, district and parish responsibilities into a single authority.

Further details can be found on each of the council websites. For Leicestershire County check, for Harborough District check . For the two Kibworth parish councils check or Other parishes across the Gartree Division have their own websites.

Community Speed Watch Results for Kibworth

The thirteen volunteers volunteered to be trained and stand at three different locations in Kibworth Harcourt, two on the A6. They caught 63 vehicles exceeding 30mph or 40mph at the risk assessed locations over the two weeks of the scheme.  All the registered owners have been sent a letter by the police explaining that their vehicles had been caught speeding.  Other vehicles were recorded but the police decided that leased cars and vehicles registered outside the region would not get a letter.

My grateful thanks to the volunteers that helped identify these speeding vehicles. I’m hopeful that we can repeat the scheme in the future and all the information collected will help support the arguments for permanent A6 speed cameras.