Kibworth Mead Academy

Kibworth Mead Academy

It’s been a really busy but exciting month at Kibworth Mead Academy (KMA).

At Kibworth Mead we take every opportunity to develop the whole child. Extra curricular and enrichment opportunities play a significant role in helping us to develop our values of work hard, be kind, be proud.

In April we were proud to have KMA’s inaugural whole school musical, School of Rock, performed at Kibworth Grammar School Hall. It was a proud moment for KMA, as the musical had been six months in preparation and involved the talents and support of the entire KMA community. Behind the scenes members of the KMA community honed their skills in costume design, make up artistry and stage design, whilst other staff supported as roadies and stage hands. The resulting production exceeded all expectations and our performers showed exceptional talent.  The KMA community is now looking forward to the next musical opportunity for 2024- watch this space!

There have been a number of recent educational visits.

Just before Easter our Year 10 French students took part in a study visit to Nice where they were able to immerse themselves in the French language through a range of different experiences. Highlights included a day trip to Monaco and tour of Allianz football stadium.

Over the Easter holidays many of our budding GCSE geographers visited the bay of Naples over the Easter holidays for four days of Geography and cultural experiences. The trip was very successful and the main highlight was the climb up Mt. Vesuvius, the European mainland’s only active volcano. The view from the top and the realisation of the impact that the great eruption of 79AD had on the area, as seen at Pompeii and Herculaneum, provided a memorable and thought provoking experience for our students.

The Challenge Partners organisation visited.

Finally, just prior to Easter we were delighted to welcome a team of external reviewers from the Challenge Partners organisation. The reviewers spent three days observing school life and talking to students and staff. They were very complimentary about the school and the progress have made. The final report is now available on our website. We are really proud of this report and the progress we have made as a school over a short period of time, as exemplified in the quotes below.

From the friendly welcome at the gate to positive interactions around school, there is a sense of community and real trust among students that their concerns will be tackled and confidence in the way decisions are made’.

‘Leaders provide leadership of a very high calibre. Since September they have achieved much. Their determination to see the school improve and the systems they have introduced to bring this about, backed up by rigorous and frequent monitoring, have made a real difference to the experiences and outcomes of students. Leaders within the Trust and other Trust schools have provided valuable support to enable a further boost the school’s momentum of improvement.

Dr Pat Thompson