The Last of its Kind

In the heart of Kibworth, stands a Post Mill tall,
An emblem of heritage, that whispers tales to all.
The Kibworth Harcourt Post Mill, a wonder to behold,
A monument of craftsmanship, that never grows old.

With its sturdy frame and sails up high,
It’s a testament of toil, that stretches to the sky.
It stands as a reminder of an age that’s gone by,
Of hardworking people, who never feared to try.

The creaking of its joints tells stories of the past,
Of farmers and labourers, whose memories it has cast.
Its rhythmic motion sings tunes of days long gone,
Of simpler times and traditions, that forever will live on.

It’s a beacon of hope, a promise of revival,
Of preservation and conservation, that is our only survival.
For the Kibworth Harcourt Post Mill, is not just a structure,
But a symbol of our history and our culture.

So, let us cherish it, with all our might,
And keep it standing tall, in its full glory and might.
For it’s not just a Post Mill but a part of our identity,
A reminder of our past, and our legacy for eternity.

Mark Murthwaite-Price
(Printed with kind permission of the author)