Teamwork makes the dreamwork

There are so many cliches used to accentuate this truth, “There’s no “I” in Team,” “Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much,” … And so it goes on.

However at The Lighthouse and Boboli we really do believe in our team, and really, they are one. Despite the two, very different restaurants, we often call ourselves a family. Lino and I certainly feel a huge sense of commitment, fierce loyalty and compassion for our work family. The overlap of work between the two, especially front of house, creates a real sense of team unity, and enables them to be able to talk to customers about the difference between Boboli and The Lighthouse, whilst creating a shared enthusiasm for the business as a whole.

Personally I am conflicted when deciding where to work and often I am asked of a have a favourite? Honestly that’s almost as bad as asking to chose a favourite child!

I love them both equally. They both bring me different joy, and I think offer very different dining experiences. But, one thing is for sure, I am truly proud of, “Us.” The way we all measure up and remain committed to the highest standards we can possible provide, both in terms of service and food. And especially how we all rallied and pulled together through the pandemic.

It was love, compassion, commitment and a good dose of humour that got us through those uncertain and unsettling times forging a bond between us all that, I hope, will never be broken.

Staff from The Lighthouse and Boboli, Kibworth

Many of our team have been with us since the beginning, or at least for a decade of so. I am as proud of our reputation as good employers as I am of that of good restaurants. Many youngsters start with us as teenagers, and come and go throughout their education. Then they maybe full time, whilst they work out what’s what for them. It’s a joy to watch our youngsters grow in confidence and competence. We love it when they return to see us, all grown up and living their best lives.

So from the Head Chefs, to the young school goer learning the ropes, and our unsung heroes in the office we want to say Thank You for hanging on in there, for the tears and the laughter and everything in between. We quite simply could not do it without you all.

Currently our big thing is to get Boboli back open for the full seven days of the week. This is proving a challenge as we endeavour to extend the team and find one or two new little gems to enable us to do this. One thing is for sure, we can’t restore the pre pandemic opening with out the right people in place to work along side us. So, if you know anyone, chefs or front of house send them in our direction… I always say you never know who you know, who might know, someone else who knows just the right person!

Sarah Poli