Kibworth Mead Academy – February 2023

Kibworth Mead Academy

KMA students have had an incredibly positive start to 2023. Collectively they have achieved nearly 31,000 reward points in January. This represents a colossal 36 times, on average, since the start of term where each student has been celebrated for upholding our values of ‘Work Hard, Be Kind, Be Proud’.

Year 8 are currently the top performing year group, closely followed by Year 7. This reflects some of the positive improvements we have seen in the school this year.

Last term we welcomed colleagues from Ofsted for a monitoring visit, and the resulting report was published last month. We are delighted that the significant improvements made at KMA have been recognised by Ofsted. In particular, the report highlights the significant improvements made in safeguarding our young people.

The report states that: “Safeguarding is effective. Safeguarding systems are robust. Leaders are vigilant [and] tenacious. Pupils receive the correct support, including from external agencies. Staff work at pace to identify pupils who may be at risk. They are ensuring that pupils have someone to turn to in school if they need help. There is now a positive culture of safeguarding and welfare. Pupils said that they now feel safe in school.

The inspection team also recognised the improved behaviour around school and stated. “There are higher expectations of pupils’ conduct and behaviour” The report was also complimentary on the curriculum stating that: “Leaders are setting higher expectations for what all pupils can achieve”.
The team also recognised the improvement in SEND provision. They stated: “The new SENDCo is having a positive impact on the provision for pupils with SEND. The support for pupils with an education, health and care (EHC) plan is improving. Teachers are gaining a greater understanding of the learning needs of these pupils”.

Finally, the monitoring team were incredibly positive about our improvement plans and the support from the Trust. They wrote: “The Mead Educational Trust has provided effective internal support. This has helped to significantly improve the quality of school leadership, the curriculum, safeguarding and pupils’ behaviour. High-quality improvement planning is in place and is expertly monitored. There is evidence that the school is rapidly improving.

These improvements were echoed in our recent parental questionnaire. Below are a snapshot of quotes from parents and carers:
Since the new management structure took effect, I have been very impressed with the speed of changes in most areas which improvement was definitely needed”.
Well done to all staff members working hard to improve the school and make it safer. Very much appreciated!
I think as a team you are doing a really good and positive job”.

We look forward to an inspection team returning soon, to see our significant progress continue.
Dr Pat Thompson (Vice Principal of KMA)