Kibworth and Smeeton WI – February 2023

The WI

Our January meeting was a fine start to the new year, with Alison Orr leading us in a session of Laughter Yoga. From the moment Alison entered the hall and began to chat and laugh with members as they arrived, we sensed that we were in for an enjoyable evening.

Alison explained that at a stage when she found herself ready to try something new she heard about Laughter Yoga. This is not getting into conventional yoga, but is about simply laughing. It is not about humour either, although that come naturally as part of it, but is rather about the physicality of laughing and about breathing properly. Therefore it can be excellent for de-stressing and relaxation.


We began by sitting in a large oval. Alison asked the member next to her to pass a smile to the person on her left, who passed it to the person on her left and so on, so that the smile travelled all around the hall. A simple enough beginning. The next task, though, was to pass on a giggle, which felt a bit fake at first. But gradually we relaxed and began to lose our inhibitions. We then had to stand, Alison led us in some deep breathing exercises, which relaxed us further. Then the fun really began. If we thought we were going to sit down again we were in for a surprise!

Laughter all round

First, we mimed preparing a milk shake, making “ploop” noises as we poured liquids into a shaker and giggling as we shook the container. Alison then set us on the move. We had to mime holding a mobile phone to our ear, then giggling, before moving among other members, holding the phone out so that they also giggled at the imaginary conversation. Soon the hall rang with the sound of our giggles and by now we were thoroughly relaxed and enjoying ourselves. The motorbike exercise had us miming climbing on a bike and revving up on the handlebars, before setting off around the hall, weaving in and out among other members and laughing our heads off!

We all agreed that it had been great fun to mix and interact with other ladies, especially with new members. Alison also enjoyed the evening, as she told us in an email, thanking us and saying that she felt totally at ease and welcome, adding that we are “absolutely awesome”!

We look forward to hearing Eddie Smallwood, with Every Picture Tells a Story. 9 March at 7.30pm in Kibworth Grammar School Hall.

Pat Sharman