KBPC – February 2023

The parish council monthly public meeting on 24 January was held in the Studio at the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.


All financial statements, reconciliations and payments were approved.  A budget of £167,217 for 2023/24 was agreed. The precept request to be sent to HDC was agreed to be £143,000, which is £77.95 per year for each Band D household; an increase of £13.15 per year for 2023/24.

Chairman’s report

Cllr Munro updated members on the current situation regarding the Kibworth High School Foundation Trust and communication with LCC who have requested completion of a matrix of skills.

Cllrs Munro, Feltham and Copson, met John Littlejohn Designer Homes (the landowner) and Marrons Planning to discuss the Fleckney Road site and emphasised this remains outside the limits to development in the Neighbourhood Plan revision.

Clerk’s report

An update on the current s106 projects was given. The Rookery Pond is still awaiting a further load of backfill before completion; the zipwire is due for installation in mid February and although the HDC Grants Committee approved funding for the skatepark on 20 December, the money has not yet been received. It has been confirmed that the Parish own the path down from Church Road to the allotments by Rookery Park so are now responsible.

Queen’s Walk

Queen’s Walk in Smeeton Road Rec – the grant funds have been received and installation of the new paths are due to begin in May/June. Tree planting will be in October/November.

CCTV extension

Network Rail have removed the trees blocking the line of sight from the GSH chimney to the lamp column on Warwick Park. A new BT Broadband connection in the new parish office needs to be sorted before a timescale for installing the new cameras can be confirmed.

The Bank (Island)

Cllrs Sibson, Formoy and Bland agreed to take the lead regarding a re-planting scheme.


The usual reports from the county councillor, joint boards, Grammar School Hall, and allotments were given.  Cllr. Feltham reported on a recent meeting held with the local MP, other councillors, and a Director of Arriva, regarding cancellations and unreliability of the X3 buses. Many driver vacancies have been filled by new drivers who have been trained, and this has seen many timetable issues reduced.


Parish and district councillor elections will be held on 4 May. A briefing is being held by HDC on 7 March.

Neighbourhood Plan

A referendum for both Kibworths has been provisionally booked for 4 May. An update on the parish council’s actions from the Community Actions Appendix was provided.

Code of Conduct training

Councillors gave positive feedback, and all noted the need for updating their register of interests within twenty-eight days of any changes.  Agreed to adopt the new Code in February.

Kibworth Community Hub

The next steering group meeting is 15 February when updates will be received.

Parish Office

An update on the move of the office upstairs was given together with budgets for the building modifications.

EV Car Club

Cllr Formoy updated members on recent meetings and conclusions.

The next monthly public meeting is at 7pm on 28 February 2023 and will be reported in due course.

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Maria Smith