Dear Editor


I recall Bluebottle asking Eccles how he became so clever.

Despite being a teacher, parish, district and cabinet councillor, listening to the knowledgeable Chronicle team when I was editor, and learning so much shopping at Kibworth Co-op, I have a mountain yet to learn. Can you help me please?


a) Why is the local Academy Trust appointing so many jobs that have, to my mind, little or nothing to do with teaching?

b) Why has so much been spent on installing and monitoring security cameras in Beauchamp with few if any traffic prosecutions?

c) Why, with these cameras there for our safety, are vehicles still allowed to park on pavements?

d) Why, since the Localism Act of 2011 gave the go ahead to consultations and preparation of the Local Kibworths “Neighbourhood Plan” – why do our preferences still need to be regularly reviewed, revised, or refreshed, with another referendum this year?

e) Surely not to encourage us to adapt our responses to fit the mould central and local planners, developers and land owners have in mind for our village?

That would be me being cynical,

Roger Garratt