Calling Local Businesses…

Kibworth station has had a busy start to the year with our appliance being mobilised 21 times during January. Some notable incidents include; a road traffic collision on the A6 (Great Glen) roundabout, domestic property fire, car fire and a chimney fire.

This quarter we are focusing our attention on working with local businesses. We would like to engage with as many local businesses as possible to discuss and understand local risks. The idea is that we can visit you and discuss your business/premises. This would give our crews a greater understanding of local premises, which will help keep our Firefighters safe. It also makes us more informed and effective if we do have to attend a fire.

This process runs with great success across the county. For example, if Kibworth’s crew attended a fire at a mechanic’s workshop, our attending crews would receive information about hazards (fuel store, compressed gas etc.) and their locations within the premises, and the contact details of the manager/owner.

Whatever the size of your business/premises, if you would like to meet with our crew to help make your premises, your staff and local fire crew safer, please email with your contact details.

Stay safe!

Jamie Dawes, Watch Manager Kibworth Fire Station.