Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council

November 22

The parish council monthly public meeting on 22 November was held in the Studio at the Kibworth Grammar School Hall.


It was resolved to invite Chris Lee to be co-opted. Sadly, Cllr Lewis has resigned due to work commitments.

Finances. All financial statements, reconciliations and payments were approved.  The draft budget was discussed; due to increased council costs it is likely that the parish precept will increase in 2023. HDC have advised the need to budget around £5600 for elections in May 2023.

Chairman’s report

Cllr Kiernan has agreed to take on the role of Youth Co-ordinator for the parish. It was agreed to ask whether ‘A meet your parish councillor’ regular feature could be included in the Chronicle?

Clerk’s report

An update on all of the current106 projects was given. Cllr Owst has met with DCllr King to discuss the zipwire and skatepark locations and other issues.  The Rookery Pond is awaiting further loads of backfill before completion; zipwire funding has been received ready for installation in January 2023; the Smeeton Road playground upgrade has been completed; the trim trail has been installed with a few remedial works due to be sorted soon; and the HDC Grants Committee meet on 20 December to decide about the skatepark.

The Smeeton Road Jubilee Grant for a Queen’s Walk has been awarded by HDC and once the funding has been received, contractors will be confirmed and installation dates agreed.

The Bank (Island)

The previous vegetation has been removed and turf laid. The flagpole will be installed soon. A parishioner queried the timing of the works in relation to insects and bees. But, the contractor’s availability was critical.

LCC Highways had queried the responsibility for the island, but after checking seven years of parish council minutes from the 1950s at the Wigston Record Office, there was no evidence supporting their stance especially since Highways had never maintained the island since it was constructed.

Plans for future planting are to be discussed in the new year. The granite block wall needs repairing and a road closure.

Ecology/Green Strategy

The parish council owns several hectares of grassland and does all possible to ensure bird nesting months are avoided when managing hedge and grass trimming.

Tennis Club

A meeting was held on 7 November to confirm the rent and the cost of pruning branches overhanging a court. Parking on Smeeton Road remains an issue.


The usual reports from the county and district councillors, joint boards, Grammar School Hall, and allotments were given.

Kibworth Community Hub – The next open steering group meeting is on 30 November when updates will be received.

Christmas 2022 – On 7 December, the High Street will be closed from 3.30. Raffle tickets can be purchased from The Well and the LOROS shop.

Electrification of Midland Mainline. Properties adjacent to the railway line have been advise that trees will be felled over the coming weeks.

Bus Services –Cllr Feltham agreed to contact Arriva about reliability issues.

The next monthly public meeting at 7pm on 10 January 2023 to agree the budget will be reported in due course.

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