365 Photography Challenge

Sunday 1 January will soon be here.

New Week, New Year!

Take photos with your phone

Here is an idea for all those of you with a smartphone, and that means just about every adult. Your cell phone has a camera – and it’s a pretty good camera for the size.

Your challenge is take a picture everyday of anything and be happy to share it with like-minded photographers.

Send your best picture

At the end of each month select your best picture and please send it to us at the Chronicle.

We will print a selection from January in our February 2023 issue. What could be easier?

I completed my photographic challenge in 2008 and still look through my album with pride. It wasn’t easy to find something every day and be creative. I used Flickr at that time with a group of friends from around the world, I had to pay to use this application, however the Chronicle is free and you never know until you try if you can keep it going.

Stephen (Editor)